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Multivariate polynomial interpolation

This is work in progress, an attempt to record for handy reference various facts concerning multivariate polynomial interpolation as I come across them.
The book %LorentzR92a, on multivariate Birkhoff interpolation, provides a good survey.
For recent work, look for the papers of Len Bos, Mariano Gasca & Maeztu, Hakop Hakopian & Sahakian, G.G. Lorentz & R.A. Lorentz, Thomas Sauer (& Yuan Xu), Ian Sloan, e.g., in the spline bibliography.
Here is a very recent bibliography (in postscript) on multivariate polynomial interpolation, which will appear as part of a survey, by Gasca and Sauer, in a special issue of Advances in Computational Mathematics (%GascaSauer00c).