About Me

I am a graduate student working with Prof. Suman Banerjee in wireless networks.

Research Projects

I am currently working as a Research Assistant with Professor Suman Banerjee. My interests are in the area of wired and wireless networking. My focus has been in designing systems for wireless LANs and Voice over WiFi.

Currently, I am exploring problems in the VoIP over WiFi (VoWiFi) domain. One of the most important problems in this space that we are working on currently is increasing the battery lifetime of VoWiFi phones through our project Woice. Existing VoWiFi phones provide about 2hrs of talktime which is far too low as compared to cellular phones (8hrs). This project focused as a startup initiative, is aimed at designing voice-aware link layer mechanisms that use Client-Access Point co-ordination to fine tune link layer parameters to boost battery life of VoWiFi by more than 2X.