Computer Sciences Dept.

International Collegiate Programming Contest

2013-2014 Training Page

All meetings are held in 1325 CS. Our practice schedule is tentatively as follows:

Regionals Meeting Agendas

Thurs, Sep 5th, 6:00pm Administrativia and Introductions
Tues, Sep 10th, 6:00pm  Teaser Problems
Tues, Sep 17th, 6:00pm  Basic Graph Algorithms
Sun, Sep 22nd, 10:00am  Individual Placement Test
Tues, Sep 24th, 6:00pm  Individual Placement Test Discussion
Tues, Oct 1st, 6:00pm  Divide and Conquer / Searching
Tues, Oct 8th, 6:00pm  Greedy Algorithms
Sun, Oct 13th, 1:00pm  Team Practice 1 (test data here and here)
Tues, Oct 15th, 6:00pm  Team Practice 1 Discussion
Tues, Oct 22nd, 6:00pm  Dynamic Programming
Sun, Oct 27th, 1:00pm  Team Practice 2
Tues, Oct 29th, 6:00pm  Team Practice 2 Discussion
Tues, Nov 5th, 6:00pm  Computational Geometry
Sat, Nov 9th, 8:00am  Regionals
Tues, Nov 12th, 6:00pm  Regionals debriefing

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