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International Collegiate Programming Contest

2017-2018 Training Page

Below is the tentative schedule. All meetings are held in CS 1221. Feel free to walk in if you are interested!

DateAgendaQuick Links
Thu, Sept 7, 5:00pm Organizational Meeting [sample problems]
Sun, Sept 10, 1:00pm Tryout Contest [problems] [standing]
Thu, Sept 14, 5:00pm Solution Discussion / Basics
Thu, Sept 21, 4:00pm Divide & Conquer and Search [problems] [standing] [discussion notes] [reopened contest]
Thu, Sept 28, 5:00pm Basic Graph Algorithms [problems] [standing] [discussion notes]
Sun, Oct 1, 1:00pm Individual Placement Test [problems] [standing]
Thu, Oct 5, 5:00pm Dynamic Programming [problems] [standing] [discussion notes]
Sat, Oct 7, 11:00am Team Practice 1
Thu, Oct 12, 5:00pm Mathematics [problems] [standing] [discussion notes]
Thu, Oct 19, 5:00pm Computational Geometry [problems] [standing]
Sun, Oct 22, 11:45am Team Practice 2 [problems] [standing]
Thu, Oct 26, 5:00pm Team Practice 2 Discussion
Sat, Oct 28 Regional
Thu, Nov 2, 5:00pm Regional Debriefing

Coaches: Jinman Zhao, Michael Ore, and Prof. Van Melkebeek.

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