Computer Sciences Dept.

International Collegiate Programming Contest

2018-2019 Training Page

Below is the tentative schedule. All meetings are held in CS 1221. All coding sessions are held in CS 1350.

Meetings Coding Sessions
Date Agenda Date Agenda
Thu, Sep 6, 5:00pm Organizational Meeting Sun, Sep 9, 2:00pm Tryout Contest: contest survey solutions
Thu, Sep 13, 5:00pm Algorithm Schemas: problems solutions
Thu, Sep 20, 5:00pm Graph Algorithms: problems solutions
Thu, Sep 27, 5:00pm Dynamic Programming: problems Sun, Sep 30, 12:00pm Individual Placement Test: sign-up contest solution
Thu, Oct 4, 5:00pm Mathematics: problems Sat, Oct 6, 11:30am Team Practice 1 / NAQ: contest solutions notes
Thu, Oct 11, 5:00pm Computational Geometry: problems Sat, Oct 13, 12:00pm Team Practice 1.5: contest solution
Thu, Oct 18, 5:00pm Segment Tree and Binary Indexed Tree Sat, Oct 20, 12:00pm Team Practice 2 : contest solution
Thu, Oct 25, 5:00pm Union Find and Topological sort
Thu, Nov 1, 5:00pm Regional Briefing Sat, Nov 3 ICPC Regional
Thu, Nov 8, 5:00pm Regional Debriefing

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