Computer Sciences Dept.

International Collegiate Programming Contest

2020-2021 Training Page

Below is the training schedule for the regional competition. All meetings are on Sunday mornings Madison time, conducted using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra (BbCU) via the CS 578 Canvas page.

Meetings Coding Sessions
Date Agenda Date Agenda
9/6, 10:00am Organizational Meeting
9/13, 10:00am 2019 NCNA problemset (online judge)
9/20, 10:00am Basic Graph Algorithms (online judge)
9/27, 10:00am Search, Divide & Conquer (online judge)
10/4, 10:00am Dynamic Programming (online judge)
10/11, 10:00am Greed (online judge)
10/18, 10:00am Network Flow (online judge)
10/25, 10:00am Math (online judge)
11/1, 9:00am Computational Geometry (online judge)
11/8, 9:00am Strings, Data Structures (online judge) 11/15, 1:00-6:00pm Individual Placement Test
11/15, 6:30pm Placement Test Discussion 11/21 Team Practice 1
11/22, 9:00am Team Practice 1 Discussion

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