Computer Sciences Dept.

International Collegiate Programming Contest

2021-2022 Training Page

The training sessions in fall are geared towards the regional competition. All fall meetings are Thursdays, 6-7pm, in CS 1221.

Date Agenda
9/16 Organizational Meeting
9/23 2020 NCNA problemset
9/30 Basic Graph Algorithms (online judge)
10/7 Search, Divide & Conquer (online judge)
10/14 Dynamic Programming (online judge)
10/21 Greed (online judge)
10/28 Network Flow (online judge)
11/4 Math (online judge)
11/11 Computational Geometry (online judge)
11/18 Strings, Data Structures (online judge)
Sat 11/20, 1-6pm Placement test
12/2 Discussion placement test

The training sessions in spring are geared towards the North America championship. All spring meetings are Wednesdays, 5-6pm, in CS 4310. Recordings are available via our ICPC channel.

Date Agenda
4/6 Data structures: Lazy propagation in segment trees, persistent segment trees
4/13 Graphs & data structures: Lowest common ancestor in trees
4/20 Graphs: Centroid decomposition of trees
4/27 Graphs and implementation: Tarjan's algorithm, cactus
5/4 Math: Inclusion-exclusion principle, Moebius inversion

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