Many names,

One man:

Dan Reasa

Dan Da Man

Bandana Dan

Baby Thor


The Man, The Myth, The Legend






Lil Big Phil

Who is he?

Well, Dan Reasa is someone. And that is something

This is my website

I am attempting to learn as many computer languages as I can and it came time to learn html, css, and java script. And the best way I find to learn languages is to simply give it a shot.

So what you are seeing here is the website of a guy trying to learn to make websites, who also has very minimal content to put on a website. Really, I have no need for a website. It has been hard trying to find stuff to put on here. I just need content so that I can learn how to format content. That is about it. Most of this stuff is on here so I have stuff to style

This was effort was largely inspired by my brothers who work for companies like Epic Systems, Probity Technology, and Studypool

Having said all that. Feel free to look around. If you find a glitch, bug, spelling error, or just something that isn't visually attractive, let me know. It'll help me to learn to make better websites.

Thanks for stopping by.