CS 642: Intro to Information Security (Spring 2021)

Course Overview

Senior level undergraduate course covering various topics on information security. Covers a wide range of topics, such as cryptographic primitives, security protocols, system security, and emerging topics. Elementary knowledge of mathematical logic and discrete probability theory needed, such as COMP SCI/MATH 240

Prerequisites: COMP SCI 537 or graduate/professional standing or declared in the Capstone Certificate in Computer Sciences for Professionals


Course grades will be assigned as follows:

Grading scheme: Exact percentages vary, but approximately:

The grading is absolute but cut-offs will be different for grads/ugrads -- I will decide that depending on what I'm seeing in terms of performance. But I would not limit on the number of students who get A/AB. (Everyone of you can get an A!).

Submitting materials. Homework must be submitted through Canvas.

Late policy. Unless otherwise noted, late materials will be marked down 25% of the obtained points for each day that they are late. When computing the number of days late, we will round up; so material turned in 1.25 days late will be downgraded 50%.

Collaboration policy. For homeworks 1, 2 and 3, do them individually. You are allowed to discuss the problems with others, but not the solutions. For homeworks 4 and 5, we will form groups (I will inform group size later). You will have to form groups on your own when I tell you to. The homeworks are programming-based. You are all encouraged to explore information on security topics, but finding solutions to homework problems is academic misconduct. If you use any material outside what is discussed in the class, you must cite the sources properly. If you take any non-trivial help from another student for the homework, give proper acknowledgement in the submission.

Exams: There is no final exam. We have two in-class midterms that will contain non-overlapping content. If you cannot attend the midterm on the planned dates, let me know atleast 4 weeks in advance with a reason. I will exercise my discretion on whether to grant that re-scheduled exam or not depending on the specific circumstance.