I am a Software Engineer at Advance Photon Source division of Argonne National Laboratory. My current work involves building parallel analysis software for X-ray Photon Correlation Spectroscopy using MapReduce framework of Hadoop.

I got my Masters in Computer Science from Computer Sciences department at University of Wisconsin-Madison. I was advised by Prof. Bilge Mutlu of Human-Computer Interaction lab. My work was on human-robot interaction. I mainly focused on building computational understanding of human social behaviors in face-to-face communications and applying that understanding to build effective socially interactive interfaces such as robots. More >>

In past, I worked with the Condor Project. I implemented support for the execution and management of Hadoop's MapReduce framework under Condor's Parallel Universe. This work enabled the successful completion of the assembly of whole human genome data.


1210 W Dayton
Madison, Wisconsin 53705
Email: faisal@cs.wisc.edu
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Recent Highlights


Joined Argonne National Lab as a Software Engineer.


Programmed a dance performance of our humanoid robot for the opening cermony of the fist Wisconsin Science Festival 2011. The performance was choreographed by Chris Walker.


Our paper "How do humans teach: On curriculum learning and teaching dimension" got accepted for NIPS'11. It compares computational learning theory with the actual human teaching behaviors.