Computer Sciences Dept.

Fatemah Panahi

PhD Student
Computer Sciences Department
University of Wisconsin-Madison

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I am a PhD student in the Department of Computer Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

I obtained my B.S. and M.S. in Computer Sciences from University of Wisconsin-Madison. I passed my qualification exam in the area of Networking, and recently started my research in the area of Databases.

You can find my resume here.

Research Interests

I am specifically intersted in large scale (Big Data) applications of data mining and data extraction. I spent a great summer at Teradata working on a data mining project and also getting familiar with parallel databases. I obtained the "Teradata 12 Certified Professional" certificate by the end of my internship.

I also worked with Professor Chris Re on the Hazy project. Specifically, I was a reasearch assistant for the recently released GeoDeepDive project (See demo here). In this work we try to extract scientific data/measurements burried in tens of thousands of Geology articles.


A System for Audio Signalling Based NAT Traversal for Mobile Clients
Ashish Patro, Yadi Ma, Fatemeh Panahi, Jordan Walker, Suman Banerjee



Research assistant.

Description: Extracting scientific data/measurements from tens of thousands of Geology articles.

See demo here.

Video Deduplication Using Markov Logic Networks

Independent Study.

Description: The project claim is that Video Deduplication rules and features can be easily "expressed" by non-experts and combined using a probablistic framework such as the Markov Logic Networks. Using a very simple Markov Logic Program (see MLN here) we can achieve over 90% accuracy and over 85% recall.

See demo here.

Internship at Teradata (Summer 2011)

Data mining project. Details not provided due to confidentiality.

CS 838 Re-thinking the Internet Architecture

Project: Global Power Manager for Data Centers (pdf)

CS 740 Advanced Computer Networks

Project: Longitudinal Analysis of Network Complexity (pdf)

CS 736 Advanced Operating Systems

Project: What Is Going Wrong with My Phone? A Survey of Reported Issues with Mobile Phone Applications (pdf)

CS 747 Advanced Computer Systems Analysis Techniques

Project: Determining the Number of CPUs for Query Processing (pdf)

CS 739 Distributed Systems

Project: Cooperative Computing: Exploiting Physical Proximity in MapReduce (pdf)

CS 707 Mobile and Wireless Networking

Project: Music Cooperation Using Delay Tolerant Networks (while undergrad.)

ISyE 720 Integer Programming

No project.


  • Invited to Google GRAD CS Forum, 2012
  • National Physical Sciences Consortium (NPSC) Fellowship, 2010, 2011
  • Ford Foundation Diversity Fellowship Honorable Mention, 2010
  • American Association of University Women (AAUW) Selected Professions Fellowship, 2009
  • 4 years of guaranteed support from the Department of Computer Sciences, UW-Madison, 2009

  • Service

  • Shared Governance Committee representative in the Advisory Board for the Office of Equity and Diversity, 2009-2010
  • Appointed as WACM officer (ACM's Committee on Women in Computing), 2009-2012
  • Engineering Without Borders (EWB), Spring 2009

  • TA Experience

    CS 640: Introduction to Networking
    CS 564: Introduction to Database Management Systems
    CS 525: Linear Programming Methods
    CS 412: Introduction to Numerical Methods

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