John Bolka

James Menden

Sean Felderman

CS 534 Final Project Proposal


Our idea for the final project is to use face detection from a collection of images to find all faces in these files. Once all of the faces are found and isolated, there will be a single face (either from one image we select or a randomly selected face from the faces we already processed if one is not provided) that will serve as a baseline. We will use components from all the faces that we processed originally in the other files to create a joiner. The final image that the joiner will make will be a picture of the goal face from the input file that was chosen. This process is also known as photographic mosaic, which is a very popular way of creating compelling, engaging and thought-provoking artwork. As far as image processing techniques, we will need to use edge detection to find the edge of the face and where to stop cropping for our face, image alignment to rotate the face to the standard alignment of the goal image.

As a stretch goal, we want to give the option to choose how choppy or smooth the image is. Where users can pick ‘choppy’ where the image looks like a Picasso painting, or ‘smooth’ where it looks closer to a normal human face.


Sep 26th - Oct 10th: Research

Oct 8th: Image Alignment and Panorama Creation Lecture

Oct 10th: Face Detection Lecture

Oct 10th - 31: In this period we aim to have the image selection process worked out.

Oct 31: Midterm Report Due

Oct 31 - Late Nov: Joining images

Stretch Goals:

Dec 3-12: Presentation

Dec 12: Website Due