Parallax-tolerant Image Stitching: Example 1
Input Images
Parallax Demonstration
Photoshop (we use red circles to indicate the artifacts in the
stitching results, and use green circles to show the corresponding regions in the input images)
APAP [1]
SEAM [2]
Dominant Homography
Our result
Our result with seam
Our result with feature points
[1] J. Zaragoza, T.-J. Chin, M. S. Brown, and D. Suter. As-projective-as-possible image stitching with moving DLT. IEEE CVPR 2013.
[2] J. Gao, Y. Li, T.-J. Chin, and M. S. Brown. Seam-driven image stitching. Eurographics 2013.
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