Dot Files

Each semester, I sometimes pad discussion time with tips and tricks I like to use to enhance my Linux experience (read as: waste time customizing my environment). Maybe some day this will become a full-fledged repository for every cool thing that I or my acquaintances can think of, but for now it's just links to my most-customized configuration files. Read the comments in each file (I've marked them all with "Fred says:") for my explanations of the individual tips and tricks.

Each file (as I've posted them here) is named dotsomething.txt and corresponds to a file that should be named .something when used as a configuration file. Emacs (or at least XEmacs) will display these files with nice syntax coloring; just open ~fredrick/public/html/.something for each something.

Fredrick Moore
Last modified: Thu Feb 2 16:44:21 CST 2006