CS 545 NLP Final project

Here is the project completed by Prem Mansukhani, Brian Sandwick and Galex Yen. This project fulfills the goal of intergrating 3DVR and parsing. There are many more aspects of the program which can be easily improved upon. The possibility of extending the system in the near future is there. The links at the bottom contain documentation, source code and anything else required to run and understand the program. I suggest using the program from a fast internet connection, because the 3D mesh files are currently loaded from a URL. In order to change the files to load locally, you must modify the Input/mesh.txt file. Each url in this file can be modified to load a local file using the file:// protocal. Please download the corresponding mesh files and place them where you like and modify the input file to reflect where you have placed the files. If there is any problem with working the program, please contact Galex Yen at galex@cs.wisc.edu.

Source code and compiled code of Project.
Additional helper files for loading 3DS files.
Javadocs documentation generated from source code.
Write up for project.