Aging Database Partition for Aging Analysis Evaluation

We used the Morph-II Database [7] for our aging analysis. The database was partitioned into three sets: Set 1, Set 2, and Set 3 (or called others in some of our papers).

The use of this partition of the MORPH database has been in our previous works on aging analysis from different aspects [1-6]. If you want to compare your algorithms with ours, you may use the same partition of the MORPH data.

The file can be downloaded from here:

The file is a compressed .mat file. You can uncompress it and then use Matlab to read the struct mat file, from which you can get the corresponding age, gender, ethnicity and id for each face image in the three sets: S1, S1, and Others (S3).

The file is protected by a password. Please email me (guodong dot guo AT mail dot wvu dot edu) to request the password to uncompress the .zip file.


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