Assignment 0

Due: June 14th 2016 (Tuesday) before 11 am

In this assignment you'll be learning how to use eclipse and will write and submit a java file named

Eclipse Tutorial

Complete the Eclipse IDE Tutorial. You should save the Java file ( that you create during this tutorial. You will submit this file to demonstrate that you have completed this tutorial. Please note that although this tutorial makes a few references to a lab partner, you should complete this tutorial on your own. You should also review the Program Style Guide and Program Commenting Guide, both of which are referenced in the tutorial.


  1. file submitted with the correct file name and the class name - 2 points
  2. compiles without any errors - 2 points
  3. runs without any errors - 2 points
  4. adheres to Program Style Guide - 2 points
  5. adheres to Program Commenting Guide - 2 points

Turning in the files

Upload and submit the Java file in the folder named Assignment0 using the dropbox facility at learn@uw.