MacGS 5.50

Jeff Schindall, working with Aladdin Enterprises, has updated the port of Ghostscript to the Macintosh.

This port is based on the Aladdin Ghostsctript 5.50 release and the Mac GS Viewer 1.0 port by Glypic Technologies.

NOTE: There are several serious (and so far unresolved) bugs in this release of MacGS.:

Solution: Never move the console window; or permanently hide the console using the MacGS preferences/settings dialog.

This is an old Macintosh port of Ghostscript, based on version 5.50. The program offers the ability to preview PostScript files in windows, and save windows as PICT files, all with a Macintosh style interface. It also offers the traditional Ghostscript command line interface. The application can be built with any of the large number of Ghostscript printer and file format devices for rendering.

It is distributed under the Aladdin Free Public License (AFPL). Both source and compiled versions are available. The compiled versions are for either PowerPC or 68020 or better (no FPU needed) and include some additional devices (tiff, pbm/pgm/ppm, pcx, stcolor and cdj550)

Getting it
MacGS-550 can be gotten via FTP from in the directory /pub/mirrors/ghost/aladdin/mac.
The rest of Ghostscript can be found at the same site in the directory /pub/mirrors/ghost.
MacGS-550 is part of the Ghostscript system which is discussed on the Internet news group: comp.lang.postscript. Please direct all discussion of the port there.
Other Reading
Viewing PostScript on a Macintosh by Charles A. Poynton.
The MacGS-550 Manual on-line.
A note about Rendering.
The Ghostscript Web.
Aladdin Enterprises can be reached at:
Jeff Schindall can be reached at:

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