MacGSView 2.0b3

Obtaining MacGSView

You can download the installer and the source package for MacGSView:

The Ghostscript 6.01 software is included in the installer, so you don't have to download any additional files.

For interested developers:
The latest MacGSView sources can also be obtained via anonymous CVS. If you are using a unix shell the command to check out the entire module is:
cvs -z3 checkout macgsview

System Requirements

MacGSView works on any Apple Power Macintosh, PowerBook (with PowerPC), iMac, iBook with MacOS 8.5 or later installed.
How much memory you really do need depends on the documents you want to open, and at which resolution you wan to view them. If you have 5MB free for MacGSView to use, you should be able to view most standard size documents.

Features and changes from MacGS 5.50

Known Issues

Version History

18 Feb 2000 - Version 1.0b1 (First Public Beta)

Well, there really should have been a 1.0, but the internal structure changed a lot and there are very many new features, so I decided to call it 2.0b1. There will be no more features added, until a 2.0 release is out.

02 Apr 2000 – Version 2.0b1

24 Apr 2000 - Version 2.0b2

03 May 2000 - Version 2.0b3 (Final Candidate)

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