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Jordan Gilliland's Web page

This page currently sucks. Yeah, I am just putting this stuff up here until I have some time to make it decent. But this page doesn't suck that much because I put a picture of my mom in it. That makes it pretty damn cool in my opinion. Oh, wait -- the picture sucks too. Never mind.

My mom, Amanda Gilliland.

Other Stuff besides my mom:

Links: -- A great way to find the best deals on computer hardware, and useful just to get an idea of what current market prices are.

The Independent, Memorial and West High School's student newspaper which I administrate. (It is considerably better looking than this page, even though there is no picture of my mom in it.) And if you see this lame message, it ain't my fault, so don't tell me. Ok, tell me so I can kick the appropriate party in the butt, but I won't kick my own butt 'cause I'm not the fool responsible. And I'm somewhat, but not entirely to blame for the fact that the last three issues haven't been put on the page yet. Oops.

A very powerful tool -- the FTP Search. Ask for a file by name, and this engine gives you the exact location of the file on all ftp servers it searches.

Windows resources: -- Microsoft's sizeable Windows95 (some NT) shareware/driver/info site. -- Very nice place to find files, drivers, and helpful info about NT 4.0.

World O'Windows -- this page's title speaks for itself.

Other stuff:

A neat picture I made. I set up this shot of the interior of my old 486. The sound card (GUS) is removed, centered in the photo. I saved the image as grayscale and then colorized it.

Check out my world renowned field o' cows.

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