School of the Americas Protest
Fort Benning, Georgia
November 2005

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1. Sarah and Kevin enjoying some fresh air.
2. Dinner Friday night.
3. Non-violent training Friday night.
4. Stacy, Sarah, and Tegan participate in discussion.
5. Car with names of all the servicepeople killed in Iraq.
6. Early in the trip, we're all smiles!
7. Ninja attack: it could happen to YOU!
8. Exiting the program Friday night.
9. Puruvian musicians.
10. Stacy, our fearless organizer.
11. Fred, ready to cross the line.
12. Tegan, Sarah, and Kevin show what they think of being photographed at 6:30am.
13. Noah, Jill, and Kevin.
14. Getting the crosses ready.
15. Sister Mo.
16. Beginning of vigil.
17. Beginning of vigil.
18. Vigil.
19. Crowd.
20. Vigil.
21. Beginning of the march.
22. Marching.
23. Funeral procession.
24. Funeral procession.
25. Presente!
26. World-renowned photgrapher N. W. Natzke lines up a shot.
27. Our friendly neighborhood cops.
28. Marching past the readers.
29. The fence.
30. The fence.
31. The fence.
32. The pall-bearers.
33. Tail end of the march.
34. Our friendly neighborhood threatening helicoptor.
35. Puppetista.
36. Puppetista performance.
37. Puppetista performance.
38. Puppetista performance.
39. Stacy, our very own Puppetista drummer.
40. The wall at the end of the day.
41. A dedicated protestor.
42. Jill and Lauren make a street vendor's day.
43. The incomparable Sister Mo.
44. Kris at home showing off his new bumper sticker.