Gokul Nadathur
Computer Sciences Department



My Current Location

Currently I am working on building scalable storage solutions at Pillardata Systems in California.

Whats New In My Life…

I bought a cool car recently. A Nissan 350Z. Check it out J.

Some Recent Photos of Myself. Hopefully I will add some of my friends also here L

*  Posing without glasses

*  Me and My Z

*   In the Office – I really do work



Good Old Stuff…

UnderGraduate Education
B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering,
Institute Of Technology,Banaras Hindu University,

Graduate Education
Master of Science,
University Of Wisconsin - Madison

Areas of Interest
Distributed Systems, Storage Systems

Courses at University of Wisconsin- Madison

Fall 1999

Introduction to Computer Networks CS640

*   Project Description

*  Detailed design report

Advanced Operating Systems CS736

*   Project Report

Spring 2000

Distributed Systems CS739

*   Presentation on Distributed breakpoints(.pdf)

*  Project Report

*  Project Presentation

Advanced Computer Networks CS740

*   Presentation on Active Networks(.ppt)

Database Management Systems CS564

*   Project Overview

Fall 2001

Advanced Computer Architecture CS752

*   project report

*  project presentation


Topics in Database Management Systems CS764

*   project report



My Technical  Resume

*   pdf

*  html

*  txt

Some Links that I frequently visit

*   Technically Oriented
Storage Happenings in the Industry

      Online help for latex

*   Good Music
A good collection of tamil songs

*   And Beyond...
To  Rejuvinate my Spiritual  Self

Miscellaneous Stuff

*   sample .cshrc

*  sample .vimrc

*  sample .gvimrc