Selected Publications

A shadow process on the host mirrors a process in the guest at the level of the virtual and physical address space, terminating in the host physical addresses. We describe a shadow process technique that is implemented entirely at user level in both the guest and the host. In our technique, we refer to the host shadow process as a dark shadow as it arranges its own elements to avoid conflicting with the guest process’s elements. We demonstrate the utility of dark shadows by using our implementation to create system call forwarding and device file-level device virtualization tools that are compact and simple.
In IC2E 2017

Recent Publications

  • Machine Learning-Based Temperature Prediction for Runtime Thermal Management across System Components


  • Dark Shadows: User-level Guest/Host Linux Process Shadowing

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  • Analysis of Electrical Characteristics using a Lambert W-Function Technique and MATLAB Simulation for Dye Sensitised ZnO Solar Cell

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  • The Study and Implementation of Natural User Interface using Kinect

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Device File Virtualization

A proof of concept implementation for user-space device file virtualization

Determining the Impact of Hashtags used in Marketing Campaigns on Social Media Platforms Using Sentiment Analysis

A ranking system based on sentiment analysis to provide an indicator of the engagement of a hash tag based marketing campaigns in R

Modular Smartwatch

Helped develop a modular smartwatch for open ended werable reaerch

Air India Internship Report

A summary of work done during my Internship at Air India, Engineering Division in winter of 2011

Study And Implementation Of Real Time Operating Systems For 8-bit Microcontrollers

Survey of possible RTOS options available for a TinyAVR microcontrollers. Choose to use Femto OS. A reference board and I2C driver for Femto OS was developed

Design and implementation of a programmer for TI CC2530

A summary of work done during my Internship at IIT Delhi in winter of 2010

PC Board Design for 8051 Microcontroller

A summary of work done during my Internship at IIT Delhi in summer of 2010


I am a teaching assistant for the following courses at Northwestern UniversityUniversity:

  • EECS339: Intro to Database Systems Fall 2015.


This webpage contains a record of my academic publications and project reports.I also express my opinons (These are strictly my views and don’t reflect the positons held by any one associated with me) and share my expreiences with toolchains I have used in these projects as part of an extended blog.

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