I'm Will Haynes, an undergraduate student here at the University of Wisconsin-Madison working towards a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and Economics.

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Fall 2014

Phil 211Introduction to Logic4 credits
Econ 330Money and Banking4 credits
CS 559Computer Graphics3 credits
Math 319Ordinary Differential Equations3 credits

Spring 2014

Econ 410Introductory Econometrics4 credits
Econ 521Game Theory and Economic Analysis4 credits
ECE 353Intro to Microprocessor Systems3 credits

Fall 2013

CS 536Intro to Programming Languages and Compilers3 credits
CS 564Database Management Systems4 credits
Math 443Applied Linear Algebra3 credits
Econ 310Stats: Measurement in Economics4 credits
Theatre 120Intro Theatre & Dramatic Liturature4 credits

Spring 2013

CS 577Introduction to Algorithms3 credits
Math 475Introduction to Combinatorics3 credits
Econ 302Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory4 credits
Nutri Sci 132Nutrition Today3 credits

Fall 2012

CS 540Introduction to Artificial Intelligence3 credits
ECE 352Digital System Fundamentals3 credits
CS 354Machine Organization and Programming3 credits
Math 340Elementary Matrix and Linear Algebra3 credits
Econ 301Intermediate Microeconomic Theory4 credits

Spring 2012

Math 240Introduction to Discrete Mathematics3 credits
CS 368C++ For Java Programmers1 credit
Physics 202General Physics (Semester 2)5 credits
ECE 252Introduction to Computer Engineering2 credits
Afro 155They: Race in American Literature3 credits

Fall 2011

Math 234Multivariable Calculus (Calc 3)3 credits
CS 367Introduction to Data Structures3 credits
Physics 201General Physics (Semester 1)5 credits
Psych 201 Introduction to Psychology3 credits
Art 102 Two-Dimensional Design3 credits

AP Credits

CS 302AP Computer Science3 credits
Math 221/222AP BC Calculus10 credits
Econ 101AP Micro Economics4 credits
Econ 102AP Macro Economics4 credits
Poli Sci 104AP US Government4 credits
ElectivesAP English, AP US History, AP Environmental Science9 credits


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