I am a Research and Development Engineer at Industrial Light and Magic.  My work focuses on the design and development of computer software for animation in movies and video games.



As a member of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Graphics Group, I worked on several different research projects under the guidance of my advisor Michael Gleicher.  These projects included:

Virtual Videography

Motion Splicing

Parametric Motion Graphs

For more information about my research, education, and professional activities, please see my current resume.


Rachel Rose

(formerly Rachel Heck)





Significant Papers and Videos

Heck, Rachel and Michael Gleicher.  "Parametric Motion Graphs."  Proceedings of Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games 2007, April 2007.  [PDF]

Heck, Rachel, Michael Wallick, and Michael Gleicher.  "Virtual Videography."  ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Applications in February of 2007.  [PDF]

Heck, Rachel, Michael Wallick, and Michael Gleicher.  "Virtual Videography:  A Video Demonstration."  Proceedings of ACM Multimedia 2006:  Video Program, October 2006.  [Video] [Abstract]

Heck, Rachel, Lucas Kovar, and Michael Gleicher.  "Splicing Upper-Body Actions with Locomotion."  Proceedings of Eurographics 2006 in September 2006.  Second Best Paper Award!!  [PDF]  

Wallick, Michael, Rachel Heck, Michael Gleicher.  "Marker and Chalkboard Regions."  Proceedings of Mirage 2005, March 2005.  [PDF]

Gleicher, Michael, Rachel Heck, Michael Wallick.  "A Framework for Virtual Videography." Proceedings of SmartGraphics 2002, June 2002.  [PDF]

Glynn, Corinne, Rachel Heck, Sarah Luebke, Weichao Ma, Hilary Mason, Erin Nichols, Eleanor Raulerson, Izabela Staicut, Samuel A. Rebelsky.  "Blazing Trails on the World-Wide Web."  Proceedings of Ed-Media 2000.  Vol. 1.  p. 335-340. Outstanding Paper Award.  [WORD]


Current Employer:  Industrial Light and Magic

Graduate Institution:  University of Wisconsin-Madison

Company Where I Interned:  Rockstar Games

Undergraduate Institution:  Grinnell College

High School:  Cypress Creek High School

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