Welcome to WhereAmI!

How to Play:

The world of WhereAmI follows different rules than the one in which we live.  A straight line between two points is not necessarily the fastest way there.

Each level contains a set of square rooms, which are connected by doorways.  However the rooms cannot be drawn on a map. You may find yourself in a room where a door leads back to itself.  None of the doors are random, so from a given room the doors will always go to the same place.  In a level, there is only one room of each color.  A block will randomly spawn in each room.  Your goal is to move all of the blocks into the rooms of the same color.

Controls Keyboard Gamepad
Move WASD left stick
Look around click and drag right stick
Pick up / swap block E A

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This game was made in 24 hours by
Scott Hendrickson,
Joe Klonowski,
and Martin Wickham
using Three.js