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Who I am.

Hoon Kim

I was born in Busan, Korea on 1981. I have lovely family - father, mother, two sisters, two brothers in law, two nephews, and another nephew who will be born comming year. In addition, I cannot say my life without my girl friend, Kyungmin Kim. I spent most of my life in my home town. During this time, I went to Busan Kwangnam elementary school, DaeYoun middle school, and Busan Chungang High school. After these school years, I soldiered 26 months in 57 ammo depots as the commender's driver. Then, I came to U.S for getting best quality of higher education. Now, I am studying Computer Science in the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Intimate People

There are three the three most intimate friends, Jinil Yang, Seungeun Kim, and Sunghwan Bae. Last but not least, there are seven my school mates, so called Wisconsin family.


What I took and am taking.

<Fall 2006>

CS 525 - Linear Programming Methods

CS 536 - Introduction to Programming Languages and Compilers

CS 537 - Introduction to Operating Systems

CS 577 - Introduction to Algorithms


<Spring 2006>

CS 367 - Introduction to Data Structures

CS 412 - Introduction to Numerical Analysis

FoodSci 120 - Science of Food

SOC 134

<Fall 2005>

CS 354 - Machine Organization and Programing

CS 352 - Digital System Fundammentals

ECON 101 - Principles of Microeconmics

Japanese Literature


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