bicycle day

bicycle day is... Andy Herald, guitars/vocals. Elizabeth Hill, Bass/vocals. Jer Misiaveg, guitar. Isaac Hill, drums.

The Mandarin.
Recorded by Kyle Richards at Burning Cow, Spring 2003.
Special help from many kind souls including Jared, Nat, Nick, and Brandon.
Thank you all, and thank you DeKalb.

bring it back to life
fall song
comet speed
city streets
training wheels
colossus on cobblestone
new shoes
roads and radios
my dreams come true
sing song

Live at Luther's Blues.
Recorded live at Luther's Blues, Madison, WI, Spring 2003.

sing song
colossus on cobblestone
training wheels
new shoes
planet xeno

Grade School Weaponry.
Recorded by Kyle Richards at Burning Cow, Summer 2002.
Thanks to Jay Gemkow, John Ugolini, fusco, hilo, hwp, record rev, purple house, the brain basement, and the junk garage.

automaton rock
mighty mini men
racecar number 7
high five for sonic force
the apple barn
water grenade
destructo ray

It's Time for a Rock Song EP.
Recorded by Andy Herald, September 2001 in the brain basement.
Featuring C. Roy Finley on guitar
Thanks Jay, Matthew, and Patrick.

It's Time for a Rock Song
It's not a Secret
Three Chords
The Chorus of Your Life


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