Zijie (Jay) Wang

I am a senior studying Computer Science, Statistics and Math in UW-Madison.

WID 3200-N3

My research interests are machine learning, computer vision, biomedical image analysis, healthcare, interpretability of machine learning, and visual analytics.


I am advised by Anthony Gitter and Yu Hen Hu. My projects include fluorescent cell image classification and drug discovery with cell painting data. Previously, I worked on video object tracking and facial reenactment on mobile devices.

Cell Image Classification

Advisor: Anthony Gitter, Dec. 2017 - Present

Cell Painting and Drug Discovery

Advisor: Anthony Gitter, July 2018 - Present

Video Object Tracking

Advisor: Yu Hen Hu, Feb. 2017 - Dec. 2017

Facial Reenactment

Advisor: Yu Hen Hu, June 2017 - Dec. 2017


Using transfer learning to classify breast cancer cells with fluorescence imaging
Zijie (Jay) Wang, Tiffany Heaster, Quan Yin, Alex Walsh, Melissa Skala, Anthony Gitter
In UW-Madison Undergraduate Symposium '18.

Selected Course Projects

Iteractive 2D, 2.5D and 3D computational graphics with shaders and textures, created by using HTML canvas and webGL.
Sentiment analysis: predicting Yelp ratings based on the text comments of restaurants in the Madison area. This project won the in-class Kaggle competition.
Flexible and robust Mixed Integer Quadratic Programming model written in Julia to solve a real-life group assignment problem. It won the best project.


Convenient macOS command line tool for uploading screen-shots from the clipboard to Imgur. This app is featured on the official Imgur website.
MacOS GUI used to auto-annotate facial landmarks from a video. These landmarks can further be used to train GANs.
Interactive geographic visualization for studying where UW-Madison Chinese undergraduates are from.