Zijie (Jay) Wang

I am a senior studying Computer Science, Statistics and Math at UW–Madison.

WID 3200-N3

My research interests are machine learning, computer vision, biomedical image analysis, healthcare, interpretability of machine learning, and visual analytics.


I am advised by Anthony Gitter and Yu Hen Hu. My projects include fluorescent cell image classification and drug discovery with cell painting data. Previously, I worked on video object tracking and facial reenactment on mobile devices.

Cell Image Classification

Advisor: Anthony Gitter, Dec. 2017 - Present

Cell Painting and Drug Discovery

Advisor: Anthony Gitter, July 2018 - Present

Video Object Tracking

Advisor: Yu Hen Hu, Feb. 2017 - Dec. 2017

Facial Reenactment

Advisor: Yu Hen Hu, June 2017 - Dec. 2017


Using transfer learning to classify breast cancer cells with fluorescence imaging
Zijie (Jay) Wang, Tiffany Heaster, Quan Yin, Alex Walsh, Melissa Skala, Anthony Gitter
In UW–Madison Undergraduate Symposium '18.

Selected Course Projects

Iteractive 2D, 2.5D and 3D computational graphics with shaders and textures, created by using HTML canvas and webGL.
Sentiment analysis: predicting Yelp ratings based on text comments of Madison restaurants. This project won the in-class Kaggle competition.
Flexible and robust Mixed Integer Quadratic Programming model written in Julia to solve a real-life group assignment problem. It won the best project.


Convenient macOS command line tool for uploading screen-shots from the clipboard to Imgur. This app is featured on the official Imgur website.
MacOS GUI used to auto-annotate facial landmarks from a video. These landmarks can further be used to train GANs.
Interactive geographic visualization for studying where UW–Madison Chinese undergraduates are from.