Semi-Supervised Learning Software

Assembled by Jake Yang and Xiaojin Zhu
Last updated on March 18, 2013

Disclaimer: This collection is provided to facilitate machine learning research.
It is not an endorsement of any listed software. We are not responsible for the
content of any listed software -- access at your own risk. The information is
gathered with our best effort, and may contain mistakes. If you noticed an error
or want to alert us of new software, please contact us at

(Sorted by title)

  1. Title: Active Semi-Supervised Learning
  2. Title: Aleph 0.6: graph label propagation, discrete regularization
  3. Title: DUALIST: Utility for Active Learning with Instances and Semantic Terms
  4. Title: Gaussian Process Learning
  5. Title: Harmonic Function
  6. Title: HSSR Hessian based semi supervised regression and dimensionality reduction
  7. Title: Java Implementation of Label Propagation
  8. Title: The Junto Label Propagation Toolkit
  9. Title: Layout-Aware Text Extraction from Full-text PDF of Scientific Articles
  10. Title: Low Density Separation
  11. Title: ManifoldLearn
  12. Title: Maximum Variance Unfolding
  13. Title: Naive Bayes EM Algorithm 1.0.0
  14. Title: Nonparametric Transforms of Graph Kernels
  15. Title: OMSA - opinion mining and sentiment analysis
  16. Title: Parallel Semi-Supervised Latent Dirichlet Allocation
  17. Title: Percolator
  18. Title: SemiL
  19. Title: Semi-Supervised Clustering
  20. Title: Semi-Supervised Recursive Autoencoders for Predicting Sentiment Distributions
  21. Title: SGTlight (Spectral Graph Transducer)
  22. Title:Shogun - The Shogun Machine Learning Toolbox
  23. Title: SVMlight
  24. Title: SVMlin: Fast Linear SVM Solvers for Supervised and Semi-supervised Learning
  25. Title: Supervised Distance Metric Learning with R
  26. Title: TexNLP
  27. Title: UniverSVM