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Graduate Student

Department of Computer Sciences

University of Wisconsin, Madison

(H) 831-345-5985  (O) 608-262-5945

Office - 4240 Computer Sciences

5355a Computer Sciences
1210 West Dayton Street
University of Wisconsin
Madison, WI 53706


``Is my understanding only blindness to my own lack
of understanding? It often seems so to me.''

                                                --Ludwig Wittgenstein

Ph.D. program, Computer Sciences, University of Wisconsin, Madison
B.S., Computer Science, University of California, Santa Cruz (Graduated June 2003)

I'm currently a third year graduate student at UW.

My research interests are in several areas, including: grid/distributed computing, database systems, performance analysis and education. 


My Resume (updated May 5, 2004)


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Madison, Wisconsin



   Condor Project:  Currently Iím working on de-centralizing the matchmaker in Condor allowing for better scalability and for flexibility in local administrative policy making, all within a single pool.

   Lawrence Livermore National Lab:  My primary focus is in studying current network overlay topologies in P2P systems and to use methods in computational geometry to design a dynamic overlay that minimizes the mismatch between the p2p overlay and the physical internet topology.  My secondary focus at LLNL has been in exploring broad areas of research including climate modeling, emergency response using P2P systems, scientific simulations of radiation transport through objects, and data fusion of distributed sensor streams.

   Lucky Project:  This project involves a scalability and performance analysis of monitoring information systems in grid environments, specifically Globus' MDS, Condor's Hawkeye, and R-GMA (relational grid monitoring architecture).  Working with Xuehai Zhang (University of Chicago) and Dr. Jennifer Schopf (Argonne National Lab), our goal is to gain a comprehensive understanding of potential bottlenecks when a monitoring system is faced with many concurrent queries, many modules, and many machines.  We use NetLogger as our primary tool for analysis.


Pictures (under construction)

Europe (5 countries in 12 days) Trip, Summer, 2005

Road Trip (California to Madison, August, 2004)


Goldreich-Wigderson- Theory of Computing- A Scientific Perspective
Larry Wos - Automated Reasoning expert and a cool guy!
You and Your Research - Hamming


Spring 2005
cs736: Advanced Operating Systems with Professor Remzi Arpaci-Dusseau
cs764: Advanced Database Systems with Professor David Dewitt
cs799: Independent Study with Professor Miron Livny

Fall 2004
cs760: Machine Learning with Professor Jude Shavlik
cs737: Performance Analysis and Systems Modeling with Professor Miron Livny
cs799: Independent Study with Professor Miron Livny

Spring 2004
cs784:  Formal Topics in Database Management Systems with Professor Raghu Ramakrishnan
cs704:  Programming Language Theory with Professor Susan Horwitz
cs799:  Independent Study with Professor Miron Livny

Fall 2003
cs810:  Complexity Theory with Professor Jin-Yi Cai
cs576:  Bioinformatics with Professor Mark Craven
cs799:  Independent Study with Professor Miron Livny

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