Project Resources

There are standard libraries that provide basic security functions that you will want to start investigating.  For C and C++ users, the OpenSSL library, found at is a widely used toolkit providing encryption, authentication, key management, and SSL functionality.  For Java programmers the JSSE is a standard package in Java 1.4 that provides similar functionality.  See for details.

You should also have a basic understanding of XML.  Each project will use a protocol based on XML messages.  All project groups doing the same project will work together to standardize this protocol.  This will significantly increase testability of your projects, which in turn will help increase quality.  For example, the house from one team's Poker project should be able to accept players from another team's implementation.  A variety of XML parsers for various languages can be found at
Information about the XML support built into Java can be found here.

A student has provided a link for .NET security information.  However keep in mind that you are largely on your own as far as implementation if you choose .NET.