CS642 Project Hand-In

Important Dates

Friday, May 5 Alpha-version Review with your project mentors
Wednesday, May 10 Project Due
Friday, May 10 30-minute Demonstrations

What to Turn In

The following items are due on Wednesday, May 10, at 11:59 PM (but do not wait until the last week to get started):

Turn-In Procedure

  1. Create a tarball (i.e., a .tar.gz file) or a ZIP archive with all the files specified above.
  2. Name the resulting archive cs642-teamN.tar.gz or cs642-teamN.zip, where N is your team number (refer to earlier email messages to find your team number).
  3. Email the resulting archive to the TA, Mihai Christodorescu, at the address mihai@cs.wisc.edu.


Each team will need to schedule a time slot for a demonstration on a sign up form. During this demonstration, you will show your working program in action by demonstrating the major features. You should be prepared to answer questions as well about your code and design. The demonstration will influence your project grade significantly, so be well prepared.

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