Burt - Backup and Recovery Tool

You need three things for a full Burt installation:
Burt engine
The latest version of the Burt engine is 2.4.7.
Burt scripts
Burt scripts are the Tcl/Tk 8.0 scripts that make use of the Burt engine to make backups happen. Ideally, these scripts will be written by the administrator of a site in order to ensure the best setup for a site.

However, since these scripts are somewhat difficult to write and I want Burt to be used by everybody, I will make the scripts that we use at the UWCS Department available. In the future, I may make other sample scripts available too.

The latest version of the UWCS Burt scripts is 1.6. Click the link below to download the scripts:


last modified Thursday October 15, 1998
eric melski