Burt - Backup and Recovery Tool

Burt Backup Type Repository
This web page is intended to be a repository for Burt backup types. I will post user-submitted backup types as I receive them. If you submit a backup type, please be sure to include each of:
  • backup proc
  • recovery proc
  • backupmonitor proc
  • (optional) cleanup proc

Backup type Supported systems Access method (rsh, ssh, etc) Submitted by
afs AFS volumes AFS jmelski@cs.wisc.edu
dux OSF1 v4.0 Kerberos rsh jmelski@cs.wisc.edu
hpux HP-UX B.10.20 VXFS ssh jmelski@cs.wisc.edu
linux Linux e2fs ssh jmelski@cs.wisc.edu
next NeXT rsh jmelski@cs.wisc.edu
ufs Solaris 2.5/2.6 Kerberos rsh jmelski@cs.wisc.edu
ultrix Ultrix 4.2 rsh jmelski@cs.wisc.edu
xfs IRIX 6.2 rsh jmelski@cs.wisc.edu

last modified Thursday August 27, 1998
eric melski