1994-97 Honda VFR750F
Max. HP
97.5 HP @ 9750 RPM
No info
2125 mm (83.7 in) (L)
720 mm (28.3 in) (W)
1185 mm (46.7 in) (H)
1470 mm (57.9 in)
Dry Weight
211 kg (465 lb)
212 kg (467 lb) (Calif.)
210 kg (463 lb) (Europe)
Curb Weight
237 kg (523 lb)
238 kg (535 lb) (Calif.)
236 kg (520 lb) (Europe)
Front Wheel
Rear wheel
List Price (new)
$8198-8399 US (1994)
$8699 US (1995)
$8999 US (1996)
$9299 US (1997)
'95 VFR 750


Honda claims to have made some "300" changes to our beloved VFR. The new bodywork is "Styled" after the NR750 (Honda's Oval Piston Wonder bike) U.S. D.O.T. has "Seen the light" and mounted the rear turn signals are where God (or at least Honda) intended them to be (in the bodywork). Red is BACK on U.S. Models, although this time it has a pearl finish in the clear coat ('90-91 VFR's were solid red). Europe gets Red, Black or Turquoise. Personally, I wish that Honda would have went further with the NR style and given the VFR simular tank/ tail pieces with the exhaust under the seat (ala NR and Ducati 916).

Everything on the bike was looked at to reduce weight, even the rear wheel went down to a 5.0x17" (from the previous 5.5 wide hoop). Depending on who you talk to, the bike dropped 16 to 30 lbs. According to the Honda propoganda sheet, the front wheel is 600 grams and the rear 800 grams lighter. The new (lighter) frame holds revised cartridge forks (600 grams lighter yet stronger because of more overlap) and a new shock. The "Elf Designed" PRO-ARM (single sided) rear swingarm is both stronger and 200 grams lighter. The new O-ring chain is even lighter by 100 grams! Other items specifically mentioned are the foot pegs/ brackets, handelbars, side & center stands, faring, passenger grab rails and exhaust system. It does feel lighter than the '90-93 models from the cockpit which looks different as well with a white faced tachometer. Less heat hits the rider's right leg which is another good point. The seat does not wrap around the tank anymore. The Center stand is now standard in U.S. and Europe. The engine is essentially the same but sports smaller 34mm carbs and a new design 4/2/1 exhaust mostly for better throttle response (Who knew it needed it?)

Note: Good news for U.S. '90-93 VFR owners - buy the amber lenses from the '94- 95 VFR, they fit this model too. It's easy to make the turn signal lights work, then drop kick the signals mounted on the fender, trim said fender and enjoy a sleeker look.

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