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Condor UserLogViewer

Recently, I've been working on this program which parses and graphically represents user log events from Condor log files.  Because it is part of the Condor project, the source code is unavailable but hopefully the program will be made available upon completion to Condor users.  Here is a picture of it (as of March '99). A demo version can be run as an applet if your browser is so enabled, and you have java2 installed. Give it a try by clicking here or on the below image, or take a look at the API, or download the jar file.
Click here to try a demo applet


I can make available the source code for the below program which is the first gui (graphical user interace) program I wrote.  This program downloads an html document, parses it and displays usage statistics of the Unix lab machines here at UW-Madison (for fun it has a scribble class and a bouncey class):

P.S.  Someday I hope to take all of this newfound gui writing ability and rewrite this old Connect4 clone game I've written in C++.  Currently, it is a pretty crude console application (no pics, no menus, just text).  But, I'm sort of proud of the opponent.  It's a fairly intelligent little application.  Download the thing and see how long it takes you to beat it.  The source and a Windows executable is available so if anyone wants to make it pretty, please do so.  Just let me know. Click here for source or Windows executable
Development Resources
Of course, none of this would be possible without Java .

Linux users can download jdk at blackdown .

Actually, if you download anything, send me an email.  It's nice to know where this stuff goes.