This is an applet demo of a java stand-alone application being developed for the Condor project and as such is not a fully functional program. Users will notice security restrictions which are not evident in the full program. If you would really prefer running this program as an applet, rather than as an application, here are a few suggestions for circumnavigating the security restrictions.  Otherwise, select "Open sample.log" from the file menu to run a demo of the program.

On-line help is available as is the API

If the applet does not load, make sure that the java 2 sdk is installed on your computer.  You may also need the browser plug-in, but that is a quick download.

If you happen to be one of the three people in the world with the necessary configuration to actually run this applet, I'd appreciate your comments. This is an active development project and I've been able so far to implement almost all suggestions. Email.

Circumnavigating security restrictions

Using javakey technology, end users should be able to circumnavigate applet security restrictions by either using the javakey command or by downloading this access key file and placing it in their home directories.  Some security restrictions may also be relaxed by downloading this page and the accompanying jar file and opening the page from a local directory.  Of course, if you're going to do that, you might as well run the program as a stand-alone application...

Home directories

For user foo, the home directory is: