Eric Johnson

Welcome to my homepage! I'm a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison graduating in May of 2016

University of Wisconsin - Madison

I'm a 5th year student at the University of Wisconsin Madison graduating in December of 2016 with a BS in Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering

I am in my 5th year working towrdas my B.S Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Courses:

  • ME 306: Mechanics of Materials
  • ME 313 + 314: Manufacturing Processes and Fundamentals
  • ME 331: geometric Modeling for Engineering Applications
  • ME 340: Introduction to Dynamic Systems
  • ME 342: Design of Machine Elements
  • ME 351 + 352: Capstone Senior Design
  • ME 361: Thermodynamics
  • ME 362: Fluid Dynamics
  • ME 364: Elementary Heat Transfer
  • ME 368: Engineering Measurements and Instrumentation
  • ME 418: Engineering Design with Polymers

  • Computer Science

    I have experience in Java, C, HTML, CSS and MATLAB

    Interested in pursuing a career doing software development

    Computer Science Courses:

  • CS 367: Data Structures
  • CS/ECE 354: Machine Organization and Programming
  • CS 534: Computational Photography
  • CS 537: Introduction to Operating Systems

  • General Electric Appliances

    Supply Chain: Sourcing - Spring 2014

  • Worked with a purchasing team to get quotes for 2015 washing machine parts
  • Dealt with suppliers world wide
  • Was responsible for maintaining the budget database and making weekly changes

  • Madison Youth Sailing Foundation

    Sailing Instructor - Summer 2014 & 2015

  • Taught Sailing to kids ranging from age 7-14
  • Level 1 US Sailing Certified Instructor

    MYSF Website
  • Jordans Big Ten Pub

    Cook May 2014-Present

  • Cooked at the popular Regent Street restaurant known for its Friday Fish Fry

  • Interests and Projects

    Contact Information

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