Junaid Khalid

[first_name] [at] cs [dot] wisc [dot] edu
I'm currently a software engineer at Google, where I work on distributed storage systems.

I graduated with a Ph.D. in Computer Sciences from the UW - Madison, where I was a part of the WISR research group and advised by Aditya Akella. My research dealt with networks and systems. My PhD thesis focused on enabling the adoption of virtual network functions.

Research Google Scholar: Junaid Khalid


  • Paving the Way for NFV dissertation
    Junaid Khalid
    UW CS Graduate Student Research (Best Dissertation Research) Award, 2019

Conference and Workshop Papers

  • CacheSack: Theory and Experience of Google's Admission Optimization for Datacenter Flash Caches
    Tzu-Wei Yang, Seth Pollen, Mustafa Uysal, Arif Merchant, Homer Wolfmeister, and Junaid Khalid
    ACM Transactions on Storage 2023 paper
  • Memory Deduplication for Serverless Computing with Medes
    Divyanshu Saxena, Tao Ji, Arjun Singhvi, Junaid Khalid, and Aditya Akella
    EuroSys 2022 paper
  • SNF: Serverless Network Functions
    Arjun Singhvi, Junaid Khalid, Aditya Akella, and Sujata Banerjee
    SoCC 2020 paper
  • Correctness and Performance for Stateful Chained Network Functions
    Junaid Khalid, and Aditya Akella
    NSDI 2019 paper
  • Iron: Isolating Network-based CPU in Container Environments
    Junaid Khalid, Eric Rozner, Wesley Felter, Cong Xu, Karthick Rajamani, Alexandre Ferreira, and Aditya Akella
    NSDI 2018 paper send-side patent recv-side patent
  • Paving the Way for NFV: Simplifying Middlebox Modifications using StateAlyzr
    Junaid Khalid, Aaron Gember-Jacobson, Roney Michael, Anubhavnidhi Abhashkumar and Aditya Akella
    NSDI 2016 paperpatent
  • A Standardized Southbound API for VNF Management
    Junaid Khalid, Mark Coatsworth, Aaron Gember-Jacobson and Aditya Akella
    HotMiddlebox 2016 paper
  • Measuring Control Plane Latency in SDN-enabled Switches
    Keqiang He, Junaid Khalid, Sourav Das, Aditya Akella, Li Erran Li and Marina Thottan.
    SOSR 2015 paper
  • OpenNF: Enabling Innovation in Network Function Control
    Aaron Gember-Jacobson, Raajay Vishwanathan, Chaithan Prakash, Robert Grandl, Junaid Khalid, Sourav Das, and Aditya Akella
    Applied Networking Research Prize, 2015
    SIGCOMM 2014 papercode
  • Revisiting Traffic Anomaly Detection using Software Defined Networking
    Syed Akbar Mehdi, Junaid Khalid, and Syed Ali Khayam
    RAID 2011 paper


  • State Extractor for Middlebox Management System US20180095773A1
  • Accounting and Enforcing Non-process Execution by Container-Based Software Transmitting Data Over a Network US10545786B2
  • Accounting and Enforcing Non-process Execution by Container-Based Software Receiving Data Over a Network US20190095236A1

Posters and Demos

  • Improving the performance of SPDY for mobile devices Best poster award
    Junaid Khalid, Sharad Aggarwal, Aditya Akella and Jitu Padhye.
    Hotmobile 2015 paper
  • Latency in Software Defined Networks: Measurements and Mitigation Techniques
    Keqiang He, Junaid Khalid, Sourav Das, Aditya Akella, Li Erran Li and Marina Thottan.
    Sigmetrics 2015 (extended abstract) paper
  • Design and Implementation of a Framework for Software-Defined Middlebox Networking
    Aaron Gember, Robert Grandl, Junaid Khalid and Aditya Akella
    SIGCOMM 2013 paper poster