Decentralized Seminar Series at UW Madison

Talk: Hacking Web3

Speaker: Adam Everspaugh (Coinbase)
Date: Mon, 04/24/23
Time: 2pm
Location: CS 2310


We dive into smart contracts running on blockchains like Ethereum (collectively called web3) and their (in)securities. We examine the enormous and spectacular security failures that have resulted in more than $4 billion of tokens being stolen or vaporized by attackers. We demonstrate how software security defects like code re-entrancy and integer overflow lead to devastating attacks.


Adam Everspaugh, PhD was a Staff Cryptographer for Coinbase and BlockFi. Adam designed cryptographic services for the private keys managing billions of dollars of customer funds and co-developed smart contracts to allow Coinbase customers to securely vote with tens of millions of dollars of MKR tokens on the Ethereum network.