Decentralized Seminar Series at UW Madison

Talk: Research and Industry Experience with the Blockchain

Speaker: Ted Yin (Chainlink)
Date: Mon, 04/10/23
Time: 12pm
Location: Online


This talk will walk the audience through the speaker's research and industrial experience of designing and building blockchain infrastructure in the past year. It contains two major parts: Lessons from the Ethereum Virtual Machine and an on-going chain local storage research effort at Cornell.


Ted Yin focused on fundamental problems of fault-tolerance, consensus protocols and storage systems during Ph.D. at Cornell University, exemplified by HotStuff protocol whose variants have been adopted by a wide spectrum of projects, Snow/Avalanche protocol that led to a public blockchain deployed among thousands of nodes worldwide, and co-founded a token-listed startup, Ava Labs. His taste of research is to build the systems that are provably correct and practically effective.

Currently, he is tackling the next challenge in blockchains from a systems perspective. He is looking for research collaboration and bright intern students on this journey.