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Kevin Kemp

Kevin Kemp

Software Engineer

University of Wisconsin - Madison year of 2020 graduate.


University of Wisconsin - Madison

B.S. in Computer Sciences


Hobey Baker Memorial Leadership Award.
Captain of Varsity hockey and lacrosse.

Technical Skills

Proficiency with Java, JavaScript, Python, C#, SQL, C, HTML, CSS

Relevant Courses

  • CS 240: Introduction to Discrete Mathematics
  • CS 302: Introduction to Programming
  • CS 300: Introduction to Programming II
  • CS 354: Machine Organization and Programming
  • CS 400: Introduction to Programming III
  • CS 402: Introducing Computer Science to K-12
  • CS 506: Software Engineering
  • CS 537: Introduction to Operating Systems
  • CS 540: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • CS 559: Computer Graphics
  • CS 577: Introduction to Algorithms
  • CS 642: Introduction to Information Security


School Email: kkemp3@wisc.edu

Phone Number: (763) 486-2727

LinkedIn: Kevin Kemp

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