M. Levent Koc

Room 1307
Department of Computer Sciences
University of Wisconsin - Madison
1210 West Dayton Street
Madison, WI, 53706

News: I've completed my Masters in the Department of Computer Sciences in 2011 and joined to Google.

I am a masters student and alumni scholar in the Department of Computer Sciences at University of Wisconsin-Madison. I obtained my B.S. degree in computer engineering from Bilkent University, Turkey.


My research interests include, but are not limited to, area of data management and database systems. I am also interested in information retrieval, machine learning and natural language processing applications.

As a member of the Wisconsin DB group, I work with Prof. Chris Ré on large-scale text classification and deduplication by leveraging database management systems. More information is on our project website Hazy-Classify.



  • CS769: Advanced Natural Language Processing (Fall '11)
  • CS736: Advanced Operating Systems (Spring '11)
  • CS525: Linear Programming (Spring '11)
  • CS577: Introduction to Algorithms (Fall '10)
  • CS537: Introduction to Operating Systems (Fall '10)
  • CS760: Machine Learning (Spring '10)
  • CS838: Probabilistic Data Management (Spring '10)
  • CS764: Topics in Database Management Systems (Fall '09)
  • CS784: Data Models and Languages (Fall '09)


In UW-Madison:

  • CS302: Introduction to Programming (Fall '11)
  • CS367: Introduction to Data Structures (Fall '09, Fall '11)
  • CS838: Rethinking the Internet Architecture: From Theory to Practice (Fall '09)

In Bilkent University:

  • CS223: Digital Design (Fall '08)
  • CS112: Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming (Spring '07)
  • MATH111: Intermediate Calculus I (Fall '07) (Grader)
  • CS101: Algorithms & Programming (Fall '06)