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George Kola

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Research Interests:
Operating Systems, Distributed Systems, Networking, Performance Analysis and Performance Modeling

From the day I first got access to a computer, I have been interested in operating systems. As I pursued my undergraduate in computer science, Prof. T.V.Gopal introduced me to distributed systems and spurred my interest in the field. Then I spent an enjoyable year-and-a-half working with Prof. Arul Siromony on distributed objects.

Coming to UW-Madison in fall 2001, I was attracted to the Condor Project and spent three years working on real-world distributed computing. My work centered around addressing the challenges in data intensive distributed computing. We have some interesting publications that you should not miss.

During the summer of 2004, I got an opportunity to work with Prof. Mary Vernon. I enjoyed that experience and decided to continue my doctoral research under her. We developed TCP-Madison a high performance transport protocol that achieves high utilization and fair bandwidth sharing without creating packet loss and without requiring any router modification.

I have finished my PhD and now work in industry. My LinkedIn profile.

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