You've managed to find Kris Kosmatka's little web presence. I'm originally from Philadelphia, home of hoagies and water ices of all kinds. After graduating from UW-Madison as an undergrad in Mathematics, I spent some time working in the nonprofit world, studying architecture, and generally developing a pretty bad case of the traveling bug. After many miles in an old Volvo, I have only three U.S. states left to visit: Hawaii, Alaska, and Kansas. Hawaii... you're on my list. I'm currently a grad student in Computer Sciences back at my alma mater working with Prof. Colin Dewey's lab.

Research interests

  • Operating Systems, Distributed Systems
  • Web Scalability, Location-based Services
  • Bioinformatics, computational biology
  • Medical image processing and analysis

Recent Courses

Spring 2011

  • 739 Distributed Systems, Prof. Michael Swift
  • 769 Advanced Natural Language Processing, Prof. Benjamin Snyder
  • 799 Masters Research, Prof. Colin Dewey

Fall 2010

  • 736 Advanced Operating Systems, Prof. Remzi Arpaci-Dusseau
  • 564 Database Management Systems, Prof. Chris RĂ©
  • 799 Masters Research, Prof. Colin Dewey

Spring 2010

  • 776 Advanced Bioinformatics, Prof. Mark Craven
  • 537 Operating Systems, Prof. Remzi Arpaci-Dusseau
  • Independent Study, Prof. Colin Dewey

Fall 2009

  • 731 Advanced Artificial Intelligence, Prof. David Page
  • 576 Introduction to Bioinformatics, Prof. Colin Dewey
  • 799 Masters Research, Prof. Sterling Johnson