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Welcome to the Home Page of SAISURESH KRISHNAKUMARAN!

I am a Graduate Student at The University of Wisconsin Madison Computer Sciences department.
I am interested in Computer Architecture, Operating Systems and Database Systems.
I did my B.E (Bachelor in Engineering) specializing in Computer Science and Engineering at College of Engineering, Guindy, Anna University, INDIA.


Fall 2004
     CS752 - Advance Computer Architecture I
     CS764 - Topics in DataBase Management

Contact Information

Mailing Address
     40 N Orchard Street,
     Madison, WI - 53715
     1-608-663 3797
Office Address
     5385, Department of Computer Sciences,
1210, West Dayton Street,
Madison, WI-53706.
Permanent Address
Old No. 296/1, New No. 30,
      4th Street, Baba Nagar,
      Villivakkam. Chennai - 600049,
      Tamil Nadu,

    cs.wisc.edu - ksai
    yahoo.com - sai_suresh_krishna


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Saisuresh Krishnakumaran, Sai Arunachalam, - 'Towards economic Trace Caches-a profile based approach', Poster session of the 10th International Conference on High Performance Computing 2003, Hyderabad, India. [pdf]


    1. A Soft Core Processor for Parameterized HPL-PD Architecture.
        Its main purpose is to serve as a vehicle to investigate processor architecture having significant parallelism.
        The soft-core would be a reliable model to analyze the performance of custom architectures and would facilitate
        in decreasing the time for hardware realization.

    2. Re-configurable Architectural Kit (RAK).
        RAK is aimed developing a kit (implemented in VHDL) that would serve as a platform to study and analyze
        the performance of various static processor configurations.

    3. Implementation of 'Dynamic Instruction Reuse' using SimpleScalar.

    4. A C compiler using LEX and YACC.

    5. Disk access optimization using deferred copy and disk block sharing in UNIX file system.
        Added fields in the Inode and disk block structures of the UNIX file system.
        These fields were manipulated by new system calls in order optimize the disk block accesses.

    6. Implementation of a mail server and a messenger designed using Rational Rose.

    7. Device Driver for a virtual CD drive in Linux environment.

    8. Simulation of the Control Logic for an Automatic Teller Machine using VHDL.

    9. Automatic Traffic Controller - Hardware Project.

    10. Simulation of Task Scheduling and Interrupt Processing by Microprocessors.


    We (TEAM Q - Jesse Beder, Dylan Dewitt, Saisuresh Krishnakumaran) were placed SECOND among 187 teams in the
      2004 ACM North Central America Programming Contest.

    Interesting article in "The Capital Times" about the achievements of the UW-teams( including ours "Team Q") at the Regionals.


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