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Kyllan Wunder UW Madison

Kyllan Wunder is an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin Madison working towards a Batchelor's Degree in Computer Science. UW Madison currently employs him as an undergraduate researcher looking into COVID-19 particles in wastewater from all over Wisconsin and the department of Statistics IT helpdesk. He is Planning on attending gratuate school to become a data scientist.

Current Research: COVID-19 Wastewater

COVID-19 Droplet

I am currently researching the COVID-19 particles in Wisconsin's wastewater. I work with a small team at UW Madison's Data Science Institute(DSI) in collaboration with the Department of Health Services(DHS) and the State Lab of Hygiene(SLH). We are looking for the best way to predict case surges through wastewater analysis for the remainder of COVID-19. Along with this research, we are also creating an R package to help other states analyze their wastewater. We hope this package can be modified in the future to predict other infectious diseases spread.

Current results can be seen here:


Package development can be seen here:

DSI Wastewater