About Me

This is probably one of the most terse "about me" pages I've had.

My name is Terrance Peter La Casse, Jr. I'm a software engineer. I'm a Christian. I like Linux. I like Battletech. I live in Madison, AL. I like Free Software. I also like Open Source software. I like the Electronic Frontiers Foundation.

I like my boss. A lot. Especially if he's reading this. (Yay, boss!)

I like my wife, Kate, a lot. I won't tell you any more about her, because you'll probably stalk her, you pervert.

To see the sorts of things I access on a daily basis, I point you towards my startup page. Yes, I have my own Internet Portal. I visit it so much, I should put up some banner ads. Hm... ok, never mind.

This web site was written in vi. That should also tell you a little bit about me.

This page is HTML 4.0 compliant. I hope.

Valid HTML 4.0!