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2007-02-12 Added some units I missed from 3058U.

2007-02-10 A pile of updates: added RS3058U and RSPPU units, changed infantry units to conform to the new Total Warfare rules, added a BV2 column (with values to be determined at a later time) and a Rules Level column to reflect the new Total Warfare way of doing things. Some RSPPU units have faction "TBD"; I expect that to change when we find out just who uses those mechs.

2006-09-06 Just a few small updates, mostly to the RS3055U units. If you've emailed me about a change and don't see it here, don't panic; it's in my "pending" folder.

2006-08-27 This release adds units from Record Sheets: 3055 Upgrades, Mercenaries Supplemental Update and Jihad Hot Spots 3070. It also fixes a handful of minor errors.

2006-03-04 Today's release features battle armor from Combat Equipment and a handful of minor fixes.

2006-02-12 A bunch of updates in today's release. Highlights: new units from TR3026R and TR3057R, many BV and cost fixes, and updates from War of 3039 and TR3055U.

2005-05-10 In this update there are a few BV fixes, a handful of mech fixes and all of the new protomechs from Combat Equipment. Enjoy!

2005-03-30 A few fixes here and there; soon to come: another update with Combat Equipment units.

2004-10-24 A summer's worth of changes and fixes are in today's release. Highlights: clan mech name changes, many BV fixes, and new information from products published since the previous update. Also, the list is now available in zip format to assist those with limited bandwidth.

2004-04-14 Last minute fixes for this year's Martial Olympiad; my copy of FM:Mercs (Revised) still hasn't arrived yet, so that will have to wait. One new feature in this release is the addition of three new columns for easier spreadsheeting: BV(base), BV(C3) and BV(total). They should be pretty self explanatory.

2004-04-03 Cleaning out the inbox; these fixes have been accumulating for a while. See the todo list for what's coming up in the next series of updates.

2003-06-17 This is the last new list for a while; there are only a handful of changes. Great job, everybody!

2003-06-01 A pile of aerotech-related changes in today's update.

2003-05-30 Just a few small tweaks in this update.

2003-05-18 This is what I get for thinking that we're done. :) The updated list is here; this time, no predictions.

2003-05-16 This could be the one. A couple small changes based on feedback, plus a whole pile of changes from the random unit assignment tables found in FM:Updates, courtesy of Randall Bills. If you should be in the credits and you're not, let me know! Also, note my change of email address: is replacing as my public email address.

2003-03-01 It's the "oops, look what I found on my hard drive" update. This time, changes include a few more tweaks and the addition of small craft and space stations.

2003-02-16 Lots of date and era changes dominate today's release.

2003-02-15 We're back to "release candidate" status for our current release. The changes mostly feature tweaks and whatnot, with no clear theme.

2003-02-11 The changes featured in this release are more specific factions for protomechs, some periphery aerospace fighter changes and lots of date fixes for Inner Sphere fighters. We're getting close to release candidate status again, so keep the suggestions coming!

2003-01-31 A few more small updates in today's release. These were all things that I forgot to do for yesterday's; if I continue to not have any new change suggestions, I might start to think that the list is complete.

2003-01-30 Lots of small changes and fixes in today's release. The big ones include the reintroduction of Level 3 units and the addition of 2750-era dropships and warships (oops, forgot jumpships) to the SLDF 2750.

2003-01-24 Today's update includes quite a few faction-related changes, as well as the addition of conventional fighters, another "era" column and a plethora of BV and spelling fixes. We've also had a few new contributors; if one of these people lives near you, buy them a Battletech product for Valentine's Day.

2003-01-19 Today's update is one of the biggest ever, for it includes, courtesy of the Commandos, the complete list of units from RS:Aerotech 2. It also includes a ton of date fixes, thanks to my large collection of technical readouts and a very understanding wife. The full changelog (which looks deceptively sparse) is here.

2003-01-07 Today's update features more feature creep in the form of an era column; read about what this column means here. Read about all of the changes here. These dates could be refined forever, undoubtedly, but we'll try to make them 95% accurate as quickly as possible.

2003-01-06 Today's update fixes a few loose ends. Maybe release candidate 4 is the one?

2003-01-05 Today's update features the addition of the SLDF 2750 and SLDF 3061 factions. Do not be alarmed by the large number of mechs removed from various factions; the updated dependencies document explains all. This is the third and, if we're lucky, second-last release candidate.

2003-01-03 Today's update is the second release candidate for the final version of the list. Unfortunately there are a few more changes than in the last few releases, but we're still getting better, so I can't complain.

2003-01-01 Today's release is the first release candidate for the final version of the list. If you notice anything amiss, let me know asap!

2002-12-03 Another list for you all to take a look at. Today's changes are getting pretty nitpickety, which is exactly what we're looking for now.

2002-11-25 New updates keep plinking in, and so we've got a new list for you to enjoy!

2002-11-23 The big change in today's update repeals the changes made due to the Mechwarrior 3rd Ed. clan tables. Randall Bills has issued an official ruling that found that those tables were superceded by the tables in the Clan field manuals. Yippee!

2002-11-15 Today's update features changes based on the FM:Mercenaries, Wolf Clan sourcebook, Tukayyid scenario pack and, as always, contributions from y'all.

2002-11-12 Today's update features a couple months of Project Phoenix updates and a lot of Clan General changes based on the lists in Mechwarrior: 3rd Ed. See the changelog for the complete list of changes.

2002-11-02 Today's update features lots of new artillery units, the removal of level 3 units and the polishing off of the todo list. See the changelog for the complete list.

2002-09-15 The new item in today's update is the addition of a new "faction": Unique, for unique one-of-a-kind configs used by specific personalities in the Battletech universe. The complete change list is here.

2002-09-10 Today's update features the addition of the Northwind Highlanders, more Project Phoenix info and even more changes. Some new faces added to the credits as well.

2002-08-23 Post-Gen Con update; fewer changes this time, and I think we're closing in on an accurate description of reality, BT-style.

2002-08-07 Pre-Gen Con update that's dominated by FRR, Periphery vehicle and Project Phoenix changes, with a smattering of other updates

2002-07-29 Another update; this time, lots of infantry, artillery, and wet naval changes, along with the usual amount of tinkering.

2002-07-28 Today's update has fewer changes; the list is really starting to shape up!

2002-07-27 Yet another list! A little shorter this time, with the changes focussing more on FM:Periphery related things. I'll hopefully clean out the rest of the queue of submissions in tomorrow's release.

2002-07-26 New faction list released! Even more changes than last time! A couple new contributors too!

2002-07-25 New faction list released! Loads of changes; see the change log and credits.

2002-07-25 I received the updated faction list from Scott "Clutch" Taylor. You can find it here: text version and xls version. The credits have been updated to reflect the contributors to this file. This is the big one. Let's get cracking!

2002-07-21 This page created. I don't have a text version of the file yet; I do have the 2002-07-12 version of the faction specific listing from, which you can get here. Here is the preliminary change log and credits. This is the official listing for the 2002 Martial Olympiad that I downloaded on July 12th.

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